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We are a growers' cooperative established in 1971 for marketing the California-grown Macadamia nuts of our growers. We sell bulk, in-shell macadamia nuts, crackers and unique gift packages for lovers of macadamia nuts. See our catalog for more details.

Click Nutrition for the latest in the role macadamia nuts can play in your low carb and other diets.

The Ultimate Macadamia Nut Cracker

Our Ultimate Nutcracker is built to last for generations. The jaws are made of hardened steel and rotate on ball bearings to assure years of smooth operation. The solid machined gripper teeth have grooves in the jaws for superior nut gripping power and are slanted downward to hold the nut in place for easy cracking. All steel parts are powder coated and fused to the steel to prevent corrosion and add to the strength of the nutcracker. Then it is all hand tightened with steel locking nuts, bolts, washers and screws. The pivot screw is made of stainless steel to be strong enough to withstand years of use. Very smooth operation and very easy to use on a tabletop, no extra clamps are needed. Its brilliant ergonomic design lets the machine use gravity and leverage to do most of the work, as you easily pull down on the lever to crack the nuts effortlessly and quickly. Even a child can use this wonderful nutcracker.

This cracker has been tested and found to be a very efficient tabletop cracker and also one that is safe and easy to use by young and old. This quality cracker handles the job effortlessly and quickly. A great gift for anyone who loves fresh macadamia nuts. Our Ultimate cracker is also an excellent tool for cracking black walnuts. ($99.95)



The Ultimate Macadamia Nut Cracker with a Hand-Crafted Walnut Box

This Ultimate cracker incorporates quality, handcrafted nail-free box with solid machined gripper teeth for superior nut gripping action, and rubber feet to dependably protect of your table and counter tops. This cracker is designed for years of safe, dependable, carefree and reliable service. ($108.95)

The Mac Cracker or hand cracker is an inexpensive proven cracker for macadamia nuts and other hard to crack nuts that has been extremely popular for the last 40 years.

Built using high quality stainless steel is reversible so it can crack large and small nuts.

On sale now for only $11.99

Quality Standards

We expect high quality standards from our growers, to insure acceptability of their crop by the Association. We strive to market the highest quality products available.


Our primary product is in-shell Macadamia nuts. We also sell hand crackers designed for Macadamia nuts, unique Macadamia nut gift packages and a Macadamia nut cookbook. See the Catalog for more information. Much of our produce is sold to bird breeders in bulk.

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We also provide nut processing services, including husking, drying and cracking, for members and non-members alike. All profits are paid to our growers. Visit our Growing page for an overview of how Macadamia nuts are prepared for market.

Our growers husk, air dry and cull their nuts before they are brought to the warehouse.


Our warehouse, open to the public during normal business hours as well as weekends, is located at 9582 Del Dios Highway in Escondido, CA 92029, about five miles west of Interstate 15.

Exit I-15 at Via Rancho Parkway and travel west 4.5 miles to Del Dios Hwy. and turn south. The warehouse is across from Lake Hodges.


There is no fee to join our Co-op, but you must be a grower of Macadamia trees. To join, complete the on-line application. Click Growers Application and complete the information. Board approval is necessary for all applications.

Growers are paid by dry weight and crackout. See the Growing Page for more information on and how to calculate crackout.

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